What the FZF?

I really thought I had a proper name for FZF. I really did! But, no. Someone’s already using it—and for a clothing line. Damn! But what’s even more important … the game works! It’s still in the prototyping phase, but not for that much longer—I hope. I’ve tested it myself and with my partner. So … Read more

What is FZF?

I’m not going to tell you! Well, I’ll tell you a little bit about the game, but the title is WiP and very secret (because it’ll reveal all the stealing)! In FZF you have to get from A to B and … that’s it. You have to do it together (or solo). All players have … Read more

Heaven or Hell 0.5

Well, last time I really thought I had it! At least in a way that meant that testing would focus on balance next. But the clean up of Heaven or Hell that I made in 0.4 has meant something entirely different to the process. The last test session (which I forgot to document—so very unprofessional … Read more

Heaven or Hell 0.4

Heaven or Hell 0.4 is almost ready for test. Several changes have been made, big changes, and mostly the kind of changes that clean stuff up. What the different types of cards can do have been sorted much more thoroughly. It should make the game at lot less confusing. This is a maaajor change which … Read more

Smugglers on the horizon!

I took a good look at Smugglers recently because I was reading the rules for a game called King of Chicago. I started designing Smugglers more than ten years ago and had never really gotten anywhere with. I liked the idea of having routes and influence and stuff, but didn’t really know what to do … Read more

CyberHack is being tested

Go made me do it! A friend is teaching me how to play the ancient game of Go. Poor guy. This made me think of CyberHack—not that I want to compare it directly, but there are some similarities. So after our first session of me being pathetic at playing Go, we took a game of … Read more

Heaven or Hell is being tested

Humongous news! For the first time Heaven or Hell has been tested—and it seems to be working. Almost. This was only the very first playtest and now tweaking ensues. Much to be done. I’m very excited! But most importantly: it was a fun game and the overall design works well already. It was the same … Read more

Love Is in the Air

For The Love of Board Games has arrived and I’ve already begun reading it. I will make a review or overview when I’m done. It may take a while because of my lack of reading time. back

The Dog Has Lost Its Bone

Hundespillet (The Dog Game) is in trouble—perhaps. Back when we first started showing it to people, we were told about A Dog’s Life. It was a game about dogs but not at all similar to our game. It was much simpler and for smaller kids (as far as we could tell), so it wasn’t a … Read more

Weekend suggestions on Facebook

There is a lot going on on the Facebook page! I’ve started writing weekly posts about games I like as a standard “this week’s weekend suggestion”. I haven’t quite found the format yet, but I’ll promise I’ll post new suggestions every week—at least until I don’t know any more games! So go to TableTopTactics on … Read more

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