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Hi, my name is Thomas and this is my work, thoughts, projects, and all about me. In this section you’ll read about me. If you’d rather read about TableTopTactics and games go here! Or what I’ve already’ve done go here!

This is what I say about myself on LinkedIn:

I’ve been brought up to develop and express creative thinking. I actually enjoy when a problem presents itself, so I can sink my teeth into it – and I will find a solution ninety nine times out of a hundred. It’s based on a strong sense of intuition and a will to be creative. I’ve been creative since I was a kid and I’ve broaden my fields of interest from art to science.

I love working with people, because I love the creative/constructive process that is inherently a group effort, and I love working alone, because I love the peace and the quiet and being able to manage my own time. So I love to work with and without people. Although, any process reaches higher levels with people than without them. Simply because we’re able to inspire each other. That’s pretty important!

My main tools have always been my intuition and my extremely broad range of interests from art, history, languages, technology, etc. Intuition is one’s collected experience internalised in a way that it becomes part of your skill set; the more experience, the better the skill set. The more diverse, the broader a skill set.

Specialities: developing and designing ideas, writing, music, project management, and more. In other words: creativity and organization hand in hand skewered on a red hot spike of intuition.

So, what is it I do? I first and foremost need to express myself. That may sound like a cliché—and it probably is—but it’s also true. I have to write, make games, and make music. Otherwise I go nuts!

And today it’s mainly about writing and making music. I like to draw and paint but don’t get around to it that much anymore. Actually I like to express myself through all kinds of art mediums. When I grew up, I had access to just about anything I could think of to play with—all kinds of materials. And I still collect stuff that I might just one day need for some project or other (also known as hoarding).

“What?!” you might exclaim. “Isn’t all about games!”

And, yes, it is (well, no, not entirely). I love designing and playing games. I probably love designing better if I’d have to choose. But at the present moment it’s all about getting ideas, designing features, perhaps even testing them. But I lack severely in the publishing department! When I one day am at a cross roads where I have the time to do something about it, I’d love to have some help with that. I know many people in the designing community in Denmark. And we’re very helpful to each other. But I haven’t taken the next step—not from lack of trying, as it were … But I’ll write about that in my blog.

My blog, my Ramblings, is going to be about game design, my games, my thoughts on design, on writing, on music, and probably on whatever I damn well choose! So I hope you’re up for it.

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