VG Design since approx. ‘96

BG Design since approx. ’06

Compose, record, mix, and master music

Approx. 6-7 years exp. in management

Writes designdox in danish and english

Creative writing since childhood

Adobe Ill and Ps since approx. ‘96, ID ’02

Exp. with communication and teaching


Business Academy Aarhus ‘15, Project Man., PRINCE2

Aarhus Univesity ’98-’06, Clas. Stud., Rel. Stud., Multimedia

LOF’s Day Folk High School ‘97-’98, IT, comm., psy., pers. dev.

Upper Secondary Ed. Viborg High School, VAG

Primary Ed. Viborg Private Independent School

Adobe Photoshop Exp. User    
Adobe Illustrator Exp. User    
Adobe InDesign Exp. User    
Adobe XD User   
WordPress Exp. User
Podio Exp. User
Trello Exp. User
MailChimp Exp. User
Logic Studio Exp. User    
UnrealEd (->3) Exp. User    
UnrealEd 4     Beginner
Unity     Beginner
GameMaker: Studio   User  
Microsoft Word Exp. User    
Microsoft Excel Exp. User    
Google Apps Exp. User    
Scrivener Exp. User    
3D Studio Max   User  
Axapta   User  
IntelliJ IDEA     Beginner
Java, JavaScript, JQuery     Beginner
PHP     Beginner
HTML & CSS   User  
OS I use: MacOS, Windows


Personal Strengths

Musician, writer, and game designer

Creative dynamo and innovative

Passionate and committed

Leadership skills and overview

Thorough and detail oriented

Cooperative and dynamic

Love challenges and solving problems

Extroverted and open (-minded?)

Honest and direct but also empathic

Work Experience

Freelance consultant, ttt-kommunikativ ’17->

Intern, ‘17

CSS Supervisor and Production Worker, BKS (defunct) ’12-’15

Advisor, Danske Bank ‘11-’12

Part Time Production Worker, Danske Bank ‘07-’11

Cofounder, CEO, Producer, Project Manager, and Creative Director,

The Engine (defunct) ‘06-’09

Editor, Journal for Classical Philology and Classical Archaeology,

AAU ‘02-’05

Lecturer on Religion, Dialogcentret Aarhus (defunct) ‘97-’98

Projects, Publications, and Releases

 • TableTopTactics (surprise!) is all about games! And then some …

 • With Rain of Such Violence … is an experiment in electronic music.

      ♦ “Whispers Where the Sun Never Shines”, Sept.‘09, iTunes etc.

 • Templa Ardentes is another experiment in electronic music.

      ♦ “Templa Ardentes”, Sept. ’14, BandCamp

      ♦ “Sorte Dag”, July ‘15, BandCamp

      ♦ “Blood”, August ’15, BandCamp

      ♦ “Winter Solstice”, June ‘16, BandCamp

 • My writings are very much underway.

      ♦ “Den yderste dag”, ’16, Anthology by H. Harksen Productions

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