Sky Cage is a platformer in a tree about a guy and his beloved—whom he’s only ever seen in a weird dream. She’s captured by … something … and is placed in a golden cage in the sky. So, naturally, our hero—the guy—needs to climb a giant tree that have sprung up from a tear fallen from the eye of the woman in the Sky Cage. And the tree is full of kind and vile creatures and gates to fantastic and horrible places. Our hero needs to collect … something … to get into the sky to save the … princess?

Well, you get the idea. It’s a work in progress!

And not only that, but Sky Cage is a massive work in progress made in GameMaker Studio. I’m making it a little tiny bit at a time to become better at GameMaker Language (GML) and to not lose track. At the moment I’m writing all the little blocks for basic gameplay—movement, transitions to next level/sublevels, enviroment, state machines, etc. It’s moving along very slowly, but that’s okay. It has to be done right or not at all.

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