Sofie and the Werewolf

Finally it’s here! The blog post about Sofie and the Werewolf! You don’t want to read this announcement, you want to read the rambling post! … Read more

You Die!

This is one version of a simple top down action game. The levels are sort of randomly generated using building blocks—rooms and such. It turned out … Read more

ClashBall Championship

ClashBall Championship is a single- and multiplayer game about robots battling it out in a frenzied ballgame in an empty world … except for robots, … Read more

Video Games

blog blogging board games book cbc clashballchampionship contact Corona covid-19 curriculum vitae cv cyberhack development facebook front page fzf game game design gameplay games getting … Read more

Sky Cage

Sky Cage is a platformer in a tree about a guy and his beloved—whom he’s only ever seen in a weird dream. She’s captured by … Read more


At TableTopTactics we make games. I say we, even though I am only me, because games are never made in a vacuum. The creative process thrives … Read more