Sofie and the Werewolf

Finally it’s here! The blog post about Sofie and the Werewolf! You don’t want to read this announcement, you want to read the rambling post! back

Sofie and the Werewolf – it’s all about good choices

Lakeview from the sea

It was the best of times, it was … This is another and hopefully the last part of the tale of “how to screw things up”. I’ve written about ClashBall Championship and how The Engine was dead in the water (the latter I’ve mentioned several times as the experience may not have been delightful, but … Read more

Weekend suggestions on Facebook

There is a lot going on on the Facebook page! I’ve started writing weekly posts about games I like as a standard “this week’s weekend suggestion”. I haven’t quite found the format yet, but I’ll promise I’ll post new suggestions every week—at least until I don’t know any more games! So go to TableTopTactics on … Read more

CBC – ClashBall Championship


About CBC CBC is a frenzied action sports game for one or more players. You can play against bots or other players, and two players can share a keyboard and play against each other. You control robots with only one wheel that can run fairly fast, but the one wheel makes it somewhat difficult to … Read more

New Website and Everything and Nothing

New Website and Everything and Nothing

A New Beginning Once upon a time I made in HTML and CSS all by my merry self. It was terrible—but it was a work in progress. And still is. Also, it was a learning experience. I intended to make an interactive website and learn something about stuff and things and make it awesome. But … Read more

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