The Dog Has Lost Its Bone

Hundespillet (The Dog Game) is in trouble—perhaps. Back when we first started showing it to people, we were told about A Dog’s Life. It was … Read more

Into Darkness

Into Darkness is a cooperative story driven game about exploration in the darkest jungle on earth. In the game you control one or more characters … Read more

You Die!

This is one version of a simple top down action game. The levels are sort of randomly generated using building blocks—rooms and such. It turned out … Read more

ClashBall Championship

ClashBall Championship is a single- and multiplayer game about robots battling it out in a frenzied ballgame in an empty world … except for robots, … Read more

Sky Cage

Sky Cage is a platformer in a tree about a guy and his beloved—whom he’s only ever seen in a weird dream. She’s captured by … Read more


Hundespillet1No english version just yet, but it means “the dog game” is all about expanding your territory, fighting other dogs, and finding bones that you … Read more