The Dog Has Lost Its Bone

Hundespillet (The Dog Game) is in trouble—perhaps. Back when we first started showing it to people, we were told about A Dog’s Life. It was a game about dogs but not at all similar to our game. It was much simpler and for smaller kids (as far as we could tell), so it wasn’t a problem. The only problem was that we would have loved to have used the title in English.

Now, however, I have just learned that it (perhaps) came out in a new version in 2017. And that version is extremely similar to ours! Actually I just think it was the natural development of ideas that have let them to that version. It looks cool, although it doesn’t get the best of scores on BGG.

What does it mean for Hundespillet? Probably nothing, because nothing is going on with that game anyway. We’ll see.


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