At TableTopTactics we make games. I say we, even though I am only me, because games are never made in a vacuum. The creative process thrives on input-and the greatest inputs come from other people and other games and from everything really. Another important point of the we is that I will never get these games off the ground alone. It’s all very fine sitting alone and designing, but it takes other people.

So, we make games. We make board games and video games, and the board games especially fall into almost any category, like family, strategy, abstract, cooperative, competitive, and more that I can’t remember.

I established TableTopTactics in 2009, after having pulled the plug on The Engine (video game developer), because I knew that I still wanted to make games in some form. And I wanted to do it by myself, alone, without … people! The experience with The Engine was the cause of that attitude. Since then I’ve learned a lot and also realised that you shouldn’t go it alone.

I make games because I think it’s fun to create my own worlds. I’m a very creative person, but in designing and developing games I experience another side of the creative process. It’s a lot about systems and balance, about experimenting with functionality and challenges to the player. It’s science, it’s mathematics, and it’s magic.

On TableTopTactics I’ll present just about all of my game projects-finished, sleeping, and dead. I’ll update their status when appropriate. You’ll find a short overview of each game in the Games section, and I’ll write about them in my Ramblings.

Other game related activities will also be found on the blog.

If you want to know more about my games, or if you want to be part of the process, please go to Contact and peruse1Peruse is a contronym, so it’s up to you if you want to read it carefully or just skim it 😉 the possibilities.

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