New news newsletters

So, some of you (not enough!) have received the new newsletters with the new news from the month formerly known as May, now going by the name of last month, and the month of April and before formerly known as last month. Phew! I’m trying out some new layouts and still have a way to … Read more

New illustrations on front page buttons

Finally I got work done on the illustrations! It’s not exactly amazing art but it does make the front page look more interesting. I’m considering the colours but that’s for another time. back

Welcome to the new News and Updates section!

Well, this is fancy. I’ve wanted something like this for a while. I’m not entirely sure why it’s taken so long. This is a combination of two different news systems—this one for longer messages (basically a separate blog), and a ticker for the front page. I like that I can put up short and to … Read more

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