New news newsletters

So, some of you (not enough!) have received the new newsletters with the new news from the month formerly known as May, now going by the name of last month, and the month of April and before formerly known as last month. Phew!

I’m trying out some new layouts and still have a way to go—especially the yellow monstrosity needs work. It’s just that I’ve used the colours from the official TableTopTactics logo and … and … whatever. But I hope you enjoyed the look back.

I’m going to send out two newsletters each month with what has been going on here and on Facebook, and an additional newsletter when ramblings hit the blog. If you don’t like it, you’re always welcome to unsubscribe, you heartless monster!

But, seriously folks, subscribe to the awesome newsletters. Come on! I beg you! Please! Wuaaaaah! *sob* *sniffle*

Over and out!


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