Major overhaul – again

I just can’t help myself! I have to fiddle and tweak. Both menus, layout, sidebar, and footer has been changed … a lot. Also, I’ve finally added the pointless but required EU Cookie pain-in-the-butt pop-up. What a load of b … bees! back

Updated menues

I’ve updated the menus so that everything is a little easier to get to. I might make small changes every now and then to optimise the layout of the menus. back

New illustrations on front page buttons

Finally I got work done on the illustrations! It’s not exactly amazing art but it does make the front page look more interesting. I’m considering the colours but that’s for another time. back

Next and previous links

Okay, this is not a big deal, but then again, it is. I really think the basic navigation between pages in sections should be easy. I spent a good while trying to find a simple global solution but didn’t find any. It shouldn’t be that hard, you know. A plugin that adds pagination of some … Read more

Front page in need of stuff!

I thought a lot about the layout and design of TableTopTactics—so much so that I forgot to give the impression that the website is about games! I intend to add illustrations to the front page in the near future. back

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