New Website and Everything and Nothing

A New Beginning

Once upon a time I made in HTML and CSS all by my merry self. It was terrible—but it was a work in progress. And still is.

Also, it was a learning experience. I intended to make an interactive website and learn something about stuff and things and make it awesome. But then I had to do this and then I had to do that and time just went by.

It dawned on me that everyone is using WordPress now (well, probably not everyone) and why the !@3&% shouldn’t I do the same? I wanted to learn about stuff and things—and I still do—but more, I want content, I want to write about my projects, I need this to happen now.

So, I intended to do something about this site ages ago and now I have. It might not be pretty, it might not even work properly—but  it’s new and shiny! And it will change and mutate until I’m satisfied with it—so expect weirdness. And then I’ll change it again …

I’ll write a little bit about what is going to happen and what you may expect to find here.

Games, Development, Publishing, Nothing

I’ve been working on a lot of games over the past ten years. One is actually tested and done. I spoke with a company about releasing it, but it didn’t work out. I knew nothing about the publishing business at the time. I was quite stupid to be honest.

The company releases one game a year. They develop their own games and they invite designers from outside the company to showcase ideas. Which seems like a pretty good idea—but with one game a year how many ideas do they need? Sure, you can never have too many ideas. But in a fairly saturated market you are looking for safe ideas. Like family games.

This particular game of mine is not a family game but an abstract strategy game for two players—like chess. It’s a fricking cool idea, an excellent game, a freak of nature (one of those rare ideas that just seems to work from the get go—more about that in another post), and I’m very proud of it, but it’s also a game for a narrow segment of the market. I became annoyed at the aforementioned company—which was very stupid of me—and everything sort of grounded to a halt.

I’m still designing games when I have the chance. I love designing games! But I’m not good at getting it out there. That’s just a truth that I’ve had to come to terms with about myself. On the other hand, I write and have been published, and I make music and have several albums out there. So it’s not a complaint.

But I would love to get some of my games “out there” too.


I intend to write a little bit about stuff that I care about. It may be game design, games in general, writing, art, life, and whatnot. I have a few ideas.

This is new and daunting and I’m quite excited about it. I do a lot of writing but nothing akin to blogging. I’ve always wondered how, what, when, who, and why the hell not. So here goes!

So until next time: thank you for your patience!

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