What the FZF?

I really thought I had a proper name for FZF. I really did! But, no. Someone’s already using it—and for a clothing line. Damn!

But what’s even more important … the game works! It’s still in the prototyping phase, but not for that much longer—I hope. I’ve tested it myself1Solo works—but whether it’s a good solo game, I don’t know yet. and with my partner. So I’m working on making the next prototype.

What’s difficult for me, when I make a prototype, is not doing too much! It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just have to be playable. It’s okay if it communicates theme and setting well, because that’s very important to the design, but that’s perhaps for prototype 3 or 42Or much later or much earlier—it’s hard to say. Also, it depends on whether you’re developing from mechanics or from a theme.. And the version I’m making now (it’s crazy that it’s only 0.2!) is looking a lot better than the first one. Although my printer is acting up.3It want’s new toner, the poor baby. It will get some new toner, if it puts the lotion in the …

Much more to say on a later date! I also need to make a page here for FZF. I think it’s about time, now that I know it’s not just going into the bin.


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