What’s your pleasure, sir?

Eh, well, that was a little bit off, I guess. And not really news, just a itty-bitty bit of rambling not big enough for the blog.

The thing is, though, that I’ve combined my pleasures (or fetishes, some would argue); the love of games and the love of project managing programs.

Sick, you might very well say and rightly so! But that’s my sickness. Oooooh, do I love me some Podio!

What I’ve done is this: I set up a questionnaire in Podio so my board game group can review after each session. I add the games to Podio after the session and before I share the link for the questionnaire (always the same link – that’s how Podio works). Their scores are compiled and shown for each game. And they are compiled for each new review indefinitely! Simple and nice!

For you who don’t know Podio. It works like this: It’s a web-based service consisting of apps. You can make your own apps. In this case I’ve made two: one for the games and one for the questionnaire. They are linked, so that you can choose the game you want to review in a drop-down menu in the questionnaire. Then you simply reload it when you’re done with a review and make the next one without leaving the page. That’s pretty smart!


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